It’s time to Rate A Politician!


With the recent crisis in Greece and the British elections coming soon, it’s times like this where you wish you could vote more than just once every few years and have a bigger say in the political arena. So we think it’s time to turn your attention (and thumbs) to our brand new app: Rate A Politician.

Working in a similar manner to our website, the app allows you to score the profiles of politicians, such as David Cameron and Barack Obama, out of a 100 on attributes such as intelligence, honesty, influence, ability, and communication. Our app is also connected to our website, so every time you score a politician’s profile, the score on our website will be automatically updated. If you find that a politician does not already have a profile, you can submit a request in the app for them to be added or, alternatively, add the profile yourself on our website.

The app is currently available to iPhone users through the App Store and Android lovers, we’re working on making it available to Android devices soon. Please visit for more information about the app while you can also download it here.

Once you’ve checked out our app, be sure to let us know what you think in the comments or head over to Bugscore to score the “Rate A Politician!” app.

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Time for Christmas movies!

It’s just 16 days to Christmas and we are in festive mood! Every year new Christmas movies get released but there are some movies I may have watched a hundred times  but I never get tired of them and cannot avoid watching them once more every Christmas.


Since I don’t want to make a  long and maybe boring list, I tried-really hard the truth is- to choose my top5 Christmas movies that I watch every year and I will probably keep watching forever.

5. Home Alone(2000)


It is an all time classic family comedy movie regarding an 8-year-old boy that was left behind by mistake when his family flied to Paris for their Christmas vacation. Kevin is Home Alone and he has to defend his home against not so smart burglars. There are several funny scenes regarding the ways Kevin finds in order to protect himself and in the end you might feel more sorry for the burglars than for the kid.

4.  Christmas Carol(2009)


Christmas Carol is an animated film based on Charles Dickens’s classic novel starring Jim Carrey in a multitude of roles. The story is about Ebenezer Scrooge, a bitter old moneylender in London that hates Christmas period as he detests spending money on charity, gifts for family, or extra wedges for his employee. After the visits of three ghosts-of the past, the present and the future- in one night, Scrooge realizes the real meaning of life and changes his attitude totally.

3. The Polar Express(2004)


The Polar Express‘ is a Christmas fantasy film starring Tom Hanks that makes me feel like a kid again. A train full of children called ‘Polar Express’ starts a journey to the North Pole and Santa Claus’ home. Magical things happen during the whole trip in order to make little Billy believe in the magic of Christmas and hear the sound of Santa’s magic bells.

2. It’s a Wonderful Life(1946)


One of the most popular movies  in American cinema, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life‘ is a must-see movie. The moment that a frustrated businessman is about to commit suicide, an angel helps him realize how important he is to his family and his beloved people by showing him how life would be without him. The film is very emotional and praises the values of family, love and faith.

1. Love Acually(2003)


Love Actually‘ is by far my favorite Christmas movie. It was released in 2003, I have been watching it since then every year, I know almost every single line by heart, and its soundtrack ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’  becomes my ringtone every November. It is a romantic comedy that follows  the lives of eight different couples in London, trying to deal with love five weeks before Christmas. My favorite story is that of Juliet (Keira Knightley), Peter and Mark and you will understand why while watching the movie. The movie starts with one of my favorite scenes: people hugging at Heathrow Airport and a voice-over saying that all the messages left by the people who died on the 9/11 planes were messages of love and not hate, concluding that love is all around us!

There are many more amazing Christmas movies that help us get into a festive atmosphere. Just watch one and let the magic begin! Till then, visit Bugscore and score your favorite Christmas movies and the leading actors in them and share your opinion with the world!

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Hunger Games: The mockingjay, part 1. Success or flop?

The long awaited 3rd part of the Hunger Games movie series was out a few days ago, but now that the dust has begun to settle, we find that the reviews and the comments on the movie have been more mixed than ever.

image 1

While The Hunger Games was a great success in 2012, and Catching fire kept and increased the momentum, Mockingjay part 1 has not been able to keep up with the  previous success and so far has received a lot of criticism but also a lot of praise dividing the fans of the Series.

Some say that it is the worst movie out of the 3 and that it was prolonged and divided in two parts just for the sake of making more movies and getting more profit. There are even others that say that it is a real shame that this happened to be Philip Seymour Hoffman’s last picture before his tragic death.

image 2

The above opinions are not shared though by the die-hard fans of the Series who saw their favorite heroine grow, Katniss Everdeen played by the wonderful Jennifer Lawrence, grow over the years and become now a symbol for the revolution.

image 3

The box office sales in the first weekend in the US were 122m USD in comparison to 152m USD and 158mUSD for the 1st and 2nd movie respectively, a sign that the fans are still very well behind this movie Series but a lot of them have been left disappointed by this latest part.

What do you think?

Visit Bugscore and score your favorite Hunger Games movie and the leading actors in them and share your opinion with the world!

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American Music Awards 2014

The American Music Awards was held on November 23, 2014, at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles, California. All the stars arrived on the red carpet looking glamorous but Selena Gomez, Fergie, Jenifer Lopez and Jordin Sparks lighted it up.

Taylor Swift opened the ceremony with a performance of her new single ‘Blank Space’. Katy Perry won three honors, including single of the year for ‘Dark Horse’, but she did not attend the ceremony because of her world tour.  One more big winner was One Direction. The british band which took home three awards including Artist of the Year, performed their new track ‘Night Changes’ and also collected the awards for Best Pop/Rock Album for ‘Midnight Memories’ and Best Pop/Rock Group.

Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles

Selena Gomez got pretty emotional while singing The Heart Wants What It Wants. She ‘looked like an angel’, impressed the audience, and she got the best comments on all social media.

Some of the winners are the following:

  • Favorite Pop/Rock Band/Duo/Group: One Direction
  • Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Album: Iggy Azalea, The New Classic
  • Favorite Latin Artist: Enrique Iglesias
  • Favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist: Sam Smith
  • Favorite Country Male: Luke Bryan
  • Favorite Album – Pop/Rock: One Direction, Midnight Memories
  • Favorite Female Artist – Pop/Rock: Katy Perry
  • Favorite Alternative Artist: Imagine Dragons
  • Favorite Artist – Rap/Hip-Hop: Iggy Azalea
  • Dick Clark Award for Excellence: Taylor Swift
  • Favorite Country Album: Brantley Gilbert, Just As I Am
  • Artist of the Year: One Direction

Visit Bugscore, share your thoughts with us, and score your favorite artists!

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‘Friends’ is getting 20 years old!

Friends season 10

Friends is celebrating its 20th premier anniversary this year and we can’t help but feel a little old. It is one of the most popular tv series ever and we can watch each single episode again and again. If it hasn’t been our day we can still count on a group of ‘Friends’ to make us smile. We all have our favorite ‘friend’ (mine is Chandler!) and we wish we were part of that cool gang.

The show had many huge guest stars like Charlie Sheen, Brad Pitt, Sean Penn and George Clooney, and many memorable lines such as Ross’s ‘We were on break’ and Joey’s ‘How you doin’?’. 


Here are some facts that we bet you do not know about our favorite series:

  • The show had a few different names before becoming ‘Friends’: Insomnia Cafe, Friends Like us, and Six of One.
  • Phoebe’s pregnancy was written into the show because she was pregnant in real life.
  • The ‘Rachel’ is the most requested hairstyle of all time, Jennifer Aniston actually hated it.
  • 52.5 million viewers tuned in for the last episode, it was America’s highest rating show of the decade.
  • The cast huddled before every episode to prepare for the show.
  • The cast had a pact; if one leaves, they all leave.


Although the actors deny any rumor of an onscreen reunion , we still hope for a movie or an anniversary episode. Visit Bugscore, and let the world know what you think of Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross and Joey!

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Blake and Miranda : CMA Vocalists of the Year!

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are without doubt the most successful and happy couple in Country music for the year 2014.



This was verified this week during the 48th Country Music Association’s awards as well where Blake Shelton won the “Male Vocalist of the year” award and his wife, Miranda Lambert won the CMA awards for “Female Vocalist of the year” and “Single of the year” with the song “Automatic”.


The couple that got married in 2011 goes from strength to strength and is enjoying now the best period of their lives, both on a personal and a professional level. Let’s not forget that Blake is also one of the judges in the US show the Voice, where he has mentored 3 of the 6 winners that the show has had.

Visit Bugscore, and let the world know what you think of Blake, Miranda and your favorite songs!

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Shh… it’s a secret!


At some point in our lives we all have been into the situation of having a secret and not being able to share it with anyone. Or promising to a friend that we will keep his secret safe. Or even witnessing a situation that we shouldn’t have and we tried hard to keep our mouth shut. A latest trend in mobile applications is the anonymous secret sharing apps. Today there are a lot of sharing apps that allow users to confess to strangers their secrets while remaining incognito and they have been very popular in the mobile world.

On a daily basis, thousands of users confess secrets to people they don’t know as people feel a stinging need to share even their deepest secrets with the world as long as they keep their anonymity. The apps are location based  and secrets travel across the world by users’ shares within apps like Secret, Whisper, Yik Yak, Gossup, and many more.


There is a huge variety of secrets someone can read while browsing a secret sharing app. People share weird moments, awkward situations, complicated feelings, or just their inner thoughts. Some secrets are funny, some scary and some really shocking. However, behind the mask of the anonymity people can easily lie; but although we will never know to what extend those secrets are true, they are highly shared and further discussed. So, do you have any secret that you want to share?


Visit Bugscore, score your favorite apps, and share your thoughts with us!

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Harry Potter fans, get ready!


Last July, J.K.Rowling published a Harry Potter story online, in which we saw a 33-year-old, greying Harry reunite with Ron Weasley, Hermione Grainger, Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom for the final of the Quidditch World Cup.

A couple of days ago,  she announced she would publish a new special Harry Potter story on her website on Friday, 31 October  as a Halloween surprise for fans. The story will focus on the cruel Hogwarts professor Dolores Umbridge, who ordered Harry to use a Blood Quill and scar himself with the phrase, “I must not tell lies”, in Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix. 


But have you ever been jealous for not getting an invitation to Hogwards? Have you ever wished to be in the same dormitory with Harry, Ron and Hermione? A Harry Potter-themed hotel in London can partly make your wish come true as it gives Muggles a glimpse into wizards’ world! The 163-year-old  Georgian House hotel in London has now rooms that replicate the famous chambers of Hogwarts and aims to offer to its customers the chance to live an authentic Hogwards experience. The rooms are furnished with trunks, potion bottles, cauldrons and spell books, in a way that guests can pretend they are spending a night in Hogwarts.

Come on, what are your thoughts on the Harry Potter mania? Visit Bugscore, score J.K.RowilngHarry Potter and other favorite characters, and share your thoughts with us!

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Apple is trying to get ahead once more!


On Friday, 10/10/2014, Apple hosted a highly anticipated event in order to announce its new hardware and software updates. Thousands of fans watched the event online mostly looking forward to the official announcement of the new iPads. Since the new iPhone is considered as the best smartphone in the market now, Apple is trying to keep introducing competitive devices.

The new iPad Air 2 seems to be the thinnest device of its kind on the market as it is only 6.1mm (0.24in) thick. The display has more vivid colors and greater contrast and for the first time a tablet has an anti-reflective coating on the screen that Apple says reduces onscreen glare by as much as 56%. Additionally, it has a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, faster wireless, and covers in seven new colors.


The iPad mini line gets a small refresh with the iPad Mini 3. With no changes in the display and the processor,  the new iPad mini gets the company’s fingerprint recognition component and an improved 5MP iSight camera and front-facing FaceTime HD camera that now has Apple’s Burst Mode.




Moreover, Apple announced a new iMac with a retina display with an amazing resolution for even more vivid colors that will start at $2,499.99, while the new operating system for Mac computers – OS X Yosemite – is already available for download. Its new mobile payment service, Apple Pay, became available on Monday, October 20, and it will be enabled through the iOS 8.1 update, which was also released on the same day.

What are your thoughts on the new Apple devices? Visit Bugscore, score Apple and its products, and share your thoughts with us!

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